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評論 (123):

::: 2 years ago
Over Dramatic
Bad Acting
Poor Camerawork
Ok Editing

Overal: 3/10
Embra 2 years ago
She a lil to big for that
Devin 2 years ago
Definitely not my proudest fap
Rachel12 1 year ago
I did the exact thing i loved it and i even cumed 3 times
1 year ago
And this is how pesdfophiles created
Wtf 1 year ago
She's protraying a she's dress like doing a like things if u found this hot or nutted go seek help I'm tired of the porn industry catering to peeds
... 2 years ago
This is bad
2 years ago
Big Bob 1 year ago
That video was F-ing disgusting. You people need psych help if you enjoyed watching that.
2 weeks ago
Wtf is this. People who like this are going to hell